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fortified wines

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Discover a wide range of fortified wines, with tasting sessions.


Port is a bit of a special thing here at Ninkasi. Two staff members have, on several occasions, made special tasting trips to Porto.
We host tutored Port tasting evenings - watch Facebook for up-to-date information. (Ninkasisussex)
Our range includes:

Kopke Port was established in 1638 by Christiano Kopke and his son, Nicolau. The House of Kopke is the eldest Porto wine export firm.
Lagrima White Port is our best selling port. Lagrima means teardrop in Portuguese. Ageing in stainless-steel and wood for a minimum of 3 years, results in a rich wine, aromatic and with a balanced sweetness.
We also have 10 and 30 year old white port in half bottles.
There is also a Reserve Tawny and a Rose. The Rose, in the mouth is fresh and round, with flavours of ripe cherry and raspberry. It can be served long with lemonade or tonic or over ice.
Niepoort has been an independent family business since 1842. The Niepoort lodges are located in the historical center of Vila Nova de Gaia the place where Portwines are aged in old casks, bottles or demijohns.
Niepoort Senior Tawny comes with a free cut out moustache. This Tawny is a good match with cheeses and chocolate based desserts. It can also be drunk as an aperitif, served at room temperature or slightly chilled.
The Crusted 2012 should be decanted before serving. It can be kept for a few years during which its flavours should develop. Food accompaniments include chocolate deserts, especially dark chocolate; Ceddar, Gouda and Brie cheese; spicy dishes with red meat, game, lamb or veal; pepper steak.
The Bioma 2013 is the top of the range organic port. Bioma "Vinha Velha" is a single vineyard Vintage Port, rather than a single Quinta. On the palate are dark plums and blackberries with firm grainy tannins on the mid palate giving both structure and power to the wine leading to a grainy but not aggressive finish.
Calem Port, founded in 1859 by Antonio Alves Calem, has a rich history of four generations. Since releasing its first Vintage Port in 1870, Calem has gained a reputation for being one of the Douro's most celebrated Port producers.
The Fine Ruby is fruity and spends 3-4 years in oak barrels and stainless-steel.
The 20yr old Tawny spends 20 years in oak casks.
Vintage Colheitas (1983) spends a minimum 7 years in oak.
The Vintage (1985) Ports are bottled between the second and and third year following the harvest.

We also stock William Pickering 20yr old Tawny and a Berry Bros. Crusted 2004.
Butler, Nephew & Co. was first established in Oporto in 1730, originally general merchants as well as shippers. They would ship nothing but the most expensive and highest class wines, something they continue to do to this day. Currently under the ownership of Christies Port Wine Producer & Shipper, Ltd., we believe that Ninkasi is the first place in the UK to stock this brand.

The range includes: Porto Pink, Made from red grapes with limited contact with the skins, it is vibrant, fresh and fruity with floral and fresh fruit flavours. Best served chilled, over ice, with lemonade or tonic.
10 Year Old White. This is a blend of cask aged white ports with an average age of more than 10 years.
10 Year Old Tawny. Like the 10 yr old white this is a selection of wines with an average age of over 10 years. The ageing process turns the original ruby colour into an amber/tawny.
20 Year Old Tawny. Carefully selected wines aged in wood. A more complex wine, it is golden amber in colour and goes well with desserts or as an aperitif. Gold medal winner. This tawny is also available in a decanter in a presentation box.
30 Year Old Tawny. Deep and old amber colour, with some yellow hues. It is excellent with dark chocolate or with coffee.
40 Year Old Tawny. This is the oldest tawny from Christie’s. It is full bodied, sweet and smooth. Gold medal winner - International Wine Challenge in UK and Belgium.
Vintage 2003. The Vintage is from grapes harvested in a single year (2003).
Crusted. Crusted Port uses the best quality characteristics of different vintages. Gold award.
Also available is a BN & Co Tasting Gift Set- an ideal gift as an introduction to Port.


Verdelho 10 Years Reserva Velha Barbeito
A previous winner of the IWC Fortified Trophy, and described by Jancis Robinson as "criminally good."
Malvasia Reserva.
100% cask aged Malvasia. Certainly a sweet wine, but with great balancing acidity. If serving as a dessert wine, partners very well with dishes which contain caramel, dried fruits, toffee and other similar flavours.
Rainwater Reserva Barbeito
Recreating the classic style of Rainwater, with light colour and medium dry in character.
An invigorating aperitif, but also wonderful with French Onion Soup, Welsh Rarebit, cheeseboard, mushroom dishes, and game terrine.

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