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Discover a wide range of quality craft ales, guest ales, and tasting sessions.

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National Beers

Moving away from London and the South East we have more fantastic beers from all over the UK. From Cornwall to Aberdeen. Please be aware that there will always be fluctuations in supply so we cannot guarantee stock of any particular brew. We are at the mercy of the brewers and their supply chains. In no particular order they will usually include the following.
Proper Job is the popular brew from St Austell.
Bristol Beer Factory's Independence and Milk Stout are usually in stock, and there are often other brews from this excellent brewery.
Magic Rock from Huddersfield have a range of canned beers which are enormously popular here in Burgess Hill. They include Cannonball (a 7.4% IPA), High Wire (a west coast pale), Salty Kiss (a traditional German style Gose) and Dark Arts ("a surreal stout").
Mad Hatter are from Liverpool. At the moment we have their Penny Lane pale.
Wild Beer from Somerset have an interesting range. Bibble - an everyday beer, (Bibble means to drink regularly, in Somerset!) Madness - an IPA, Fresh - a pale ale, and best of all "Ninkasi" - A Celebration Beer, with apple juice, wild yeasts, NZ hops and champagne fermentation. We would like to say it was brewed especially for us but ...
Cloudwater Brew Co. from Manchester specialise in modern, seasonal beer. Cloudwater are extraordinarily popular and supplies are limited. We always get them when available.
Fierce Beer, Aberdeen.
An iconic India Pale Ale (IPA) brewed to the same recipe as in 1830. Aromatic hops, toasted cereal notes and hints of smoke and spice kindle White Shield's embracing nose, enhanced by fragrant fruity characters and an intricate top-note of freshly baked bread. With time to condition, William Worthington's unique dual yeast works up a sharp sparkle, crafting a full luxurious mouth-feel that combines with warming hints of alcoholic liqueur and White Shield's ever so subtle peppery character, to create an exquisite bittersweet finish. A possible bias here as I like this traditional tasting beer!
Williams Bros. is from Alloa in Scotland. Lots of interesting brews. We have Birds and Bees, 7 Giraffes, and Joker. There will be more when they become available. And it won't be too soon.
Samuel Smith, Tadcaster, 'Yorkshire's oldest brewery'. We have a good range here from Lager to Oatmeal Stout. Some are organic and most are vegan. Home of the famous "Taddy Porter".
Theakston, Yorkshire. Home of the famous "Old Peculiar".
Wychwood, Oxfordshire, - Hobgoblin etc.
Saltaire takes its name from the model community built by Titus Salt on the banks of the River Aire in Yorkshire to serve his textile mill. Ironically "Beershops" were forbidden. Saltaire Brewery has won many national and international awards for its beers. We regularly stock four of their range, but have others as and when available. Watch this space.
Ilkley, another fantastic multi-award winning brewery from Yorkshire. The most popular here being the Ilkley Pale.
Not so far away from Yorkshire is Derbyshire's Thornbridge Brewery. Another amazing range of beers. Of particular note is the "Jaipur" IPA which is described thus: "The immediate impression of this wonderful multi award winning India Pale Ale is soft and smooth but this builds around the mouth to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey."
It must be time to head North on a beer finding mission!
No beer shop would be complete without at least a couple of Brewdog offerings. From their Punk IPA to some seriously weird names (I'm thinking Elvis Juice) to the 0% alcohol, Nanny State. Vagabond is gluten free too.
Northern Monk. Leeds.
"Like the monks before us, Northern Monk is committed to creating the highest quality beers combining the best of traditional monastic brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques. Homed in a Grade II listed mill in the spiritual heart of the industrial revolution, Northern Monk takes thousands of years of brewing heritage and tradition and combines them with the best of both local and internationally sourced ingredients, crafting beers to excite, to savour, to taste and to remember... True North"
If you are ever in Yorkshire I can thoroughly recommend their taproom in Leeds.
First Chop. Salford.
All First Chop beers are Gluten Free and Vegan. We stock at least three, often more, of their range of ten, and vary the offering. Many people ask if there are Gluten Free beers and are always pleased to see the range we have here at Ninkasi.


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