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Discover a wide range of spirits, with tasting sessions.


Ninkasi has an eclectic range of whiskies, from as far as Japan to as near as Norfolk, via Wales, Ireland, America (bourbons) and, of course, Scotland. The selection changes from month to month so you can be sure of finding that special one you like. If we don't have them when you come in then we are usually able to source them for you within a few days. Please ask.


Lagavulin. Considered by many to be the definitive Islay single malt. There is evidence of a distillery on the site since 1742. It is widely regarded as one of the best heavily peated whiskies in the world - it has a distinctive smoky and dry character with strong medicinal notes.
Dalwhinnie, 15 years old, is a Highland Single Malt from the highest distillery in Scotland and founded in 1898. It is a smooth, subtle malt with notes of vanilla, heather and honey and a delicate smokiness.
Smokehead From Ian Macleod Distillery, Smokehead is a heavily-peated Islay single malt whisky of the highest quality, it 'hits you like a cannonball and takes you on an explosive rollercoaster of peat, smoke and spice with a little delicate sweetness thrown in'. It has a cult following.
Glenkinchie is a lowland whisky the distillery being sited near Edinburgh in East Lothian. Glenkinchie is the whisky of choice for many blenders. Its 12 yr old is described as a 'clean and fresh flavour on the palate with distinctive floral and grassy aspects. Some find notes of ginger in the finish'.
Old Pulteney- The Old Pulteney distillery near Wick is the most northern distillery on the Scottish Mainland. 'The extreme location and unique stills have resulted in a Single Malt Scotch Whisky that is bursting with the power and subtlety of the sea.' In 1862 the windswept distillery was only accessible by boat. The 12 yr old is matured in American bourbon casks, it is dry, medium bodied and smooth with a taste of honey and cream, slightly salty and spicy with a sweet long finish.
Oban- The town of Oban is known as 'The Gateway to the Isles'. The proximity to the Highlands and the Islands gives Oban Whisky its unique style. It is light and smoky with a touch of sea air. Said to go well with salted caramel.
Auchentoshan Glasgow. "We were forged in the fires of the Industrial Revolution and the Glaswegian sweat of our forefathers. We've taken the sweat out now...We're part of the city. And the city is part of us." Triple distilled to create a delicate flavour, smooth, light and subtle.
Caol Ila Pronounced 'Cull Ee-la' it is Gaelic for 'The Sound of Islay'. Caol Ila is another Islay spectacular and is the largest distillery on the island. It's fresh and fruity with 'spicy sea air aromas and sweet, smoky dry flavours'.
We stock many other Scottish Whiskies including the popular blends, and on occasion have gift sets too. There are also a couple of honey and whisky liqueurs. The regular single malt selection also usually includes:

Jura (Isle of Jura)
Highland Park (Orkney)
Bowmore (Islay)
Glenmorangie (Highland)
Talisker (Skye)
Loch Lomond (Highland)
The Glenlivet (Speyside)
Glen Moray (Speyside)
Tamnavulin (Speyside)


Irish whiskies usually include:

The Tyrconnell. Intended to be a limited edition to commemorate a winning horse of that name, it became so popular that production continued. Before prohibition it was the best selling Irish whiskey. Double distilled it is delicate and creamy with citrus and honey flavours.
Redbreast. 'Redbreast is the largest selling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey in the world. Treasured for its complex pot still character and Oloroso sherry maturation, Redbreast is the living definition of the Pot Still Irish Whiskey tradition.'
Jameson. A very popular Irish Whiskey blend. Works well with ginger ale. Originally distilled in Dublin, after a number of brand purchases, it is now distilled by Irish Distillers (now part of Pernod Ricard) near Cork.
Bushmills is the oldest Irish distillery licenced in 1608, in County Antrim. A smooth and versatile whiskey.
The Pogues. 'Dubbed the official Irish whiskey of the legendary band, The Pogues is made in Skibbereen, West Cork. This blended whiskey is sweet and intense with notes of malt and cracked nuts.'
Locke's. 'A blended Irish whiskey that was first made at the Locke's Distillery in Kilbeggan. This whiskey is twice distilled and it has a sweet, malty taste.'
Kilbeggan. A single grain Irish Whiskey from County Louth. Sweet, smooth and delicate, produced in small batches to the highest possible quality.


Shinjiro Torii and Masataka Taketsuru were the most influential figures in the development of Japanese Whisky. Taketsuru had studied the art of distilling in Scotland, returning to Japan in the 1920s. Between them these two men established the Yamazaki and the (to become) Nikka distilleries. It was considered that Japanese whisky could never attain the standards of Scottish whisky, until the 21st century when they began winning numerous awards. Expert blind tastings have put Japan and Scotland on a par with each other.

The Hakushu Single Malt. 'From Suntory's mountain forest distillery, nestled deep in Mt. Kaikomagatake, Suntory Single Malt Whisky Hakushu is the fresh and gently smoky single malt whisky with herbal notes that is the revelation of Japanese single malts.'
Nikka from the barrel is a blend of multiple malts and grains. 'The concept of the unique short squared bottle is "a small lump of whisky", which perfectly visualizes the rich and strong taste of the whisky inside.'
Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a blend of malt and grain whiskies. The 24 faceted bottle represents the Japanese seasons.

England and Wales

The English is distilled at Roundham in Norfolk. It uses the plentiful local water and barley, maturing in American Oak bourbon barrels, or sherry and other casks. There are several 'chapters' of whisky. We try to stock two or three at a time.
Penderyn. Penderyn whisky was launched in 2004 and is located in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. It is recognised worldwide as one of the finest malt whiskies. It is 'a lost art no more'. For those unsure about Welsh Whisky we often have a gift pack with three bottles of different styles.

America and Canada

There are plentiful regulations regarding the production of whiskey in America. They mostly relate to the percentage of base mash, be it corn, barley or rye. We stock a range of bourbons including:

Woodford Reserve
Makers Mark
Wild Turkey
Rebel Yell
Jim Beam
Jack Daniel's

From Canada:
Canadian Club
Tomahawk Maple Whisky
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